El Naranjo de Pepe

We outline here in a perfect trip down in lovely Andalusia.

The location is ideal for nature lovers, Spanish language (and flamenco) students and general public that wanted to have fun, relax, taste a piece of the Andalusian culture and fill their hearts with wonders… El Naranjo de Pepe is waiting for you!

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Drawings 001

I start here the sequence of drawings that I have been painting lately.

I want to interleave them with the technical posts in order not to get you bored. Enjoy 🙂

Arduino vs PIC32

Home Automation catches on lately. What is that? From my point of view it is nothing more than a 5V shield for Arduino UNO that only costs 20$


The Relay Shield is a small current signal module that can achieve to control some low power devices. What does it mean? In my case I used it to control some bulbs and an old radio cassette.

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Hello world!

I have just landed to Prague! I am going to work for a student association called IAESTE here in the Check Technological Univertisty (CTU). As far as I know the work is related to Software Defined Radio so I am assigned to the R&D Center of Mobile Comminications. I think it might be cool!