Sharing Docker containers

Over the past 2+ years I have been working as a sysadmin of a Linux network using bash scripts, Make files, etc. The most useful tools I have learnt so far is Chef for something called “configuration management” 🙂 In a nutshell, Chef is used to deploy the same configuration in multiple server in an iterative manner.

At this context I use Docker containers to test the “recipes” before deploying them in real machines. Sometimes I have some containers that I would like to share with other colleagues. Let’s see how to do it.

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Docker containers

How to build an image

You have two options: (1) using the docker build commands (there is a registry of images on the web of docker) or (2) using a Dockerfile that looks like something like this:

FROM ubuntu:14:04

You can interact with the host machine: port forwarding, shared folders, etc.

How to run the container

docker run <image> exec <command>

El Naranjo de Pepe

We outline here in a perfect trip down in lovely Andalusia.

The location is ideal for nature lovers, Spanish language (and flamenco) students and general public that wanted to have fun, relax, taste a piece of the Andalusian culture and fill their hearts with wonders… El Naranjo de Pepe is waiting for you!

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